T4 Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)


  • 300dpi Text, Image and barcode marking
  • hp Technology solvent / water based cartridge
  • Simple and Lightweight Design
  • 7″ Touch Panel Display

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Introducing the new Troy original T4 TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) marking system. T4 TIJ printer uses hp Technology water based ink cartridge to print on porous surface (carton box, paper and etc.) and solvent based ink cartridge to print on non-porous surface (PP, PE, Vinyl, Steel, Glass and etc.). There are many kinds of TIJ systems, but T4 TIJ is more functional, cost-effective, and even fashionable. Simple, handy and lightweight design allows easy-installation anywhere. In addition, it can be an important factor which can lower the manufacturing and maintenance cost. T4 TIJ system provides a Window based graphic user interface to help users operate the system without trouble.  Software menu is available in a variety of languages ​​with 7″ touch panel display.

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