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  • Feel free to contact us

    For any questions, please contact us via e-mail ( or phone at 82-2-855-4466.

  • Serive Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Fast technical supports and customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Troy always thrives to achieve the best customer service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Technical Supports

    Highly trained professionals and technicians are always available to provide helps and supports to our customers’ needs. We also provide a training course for the customers.

  • Installation Service for Demanding Environment

    We have successfully installed and helped customers from a variety of industries. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are always ready to customize the machine at customers’ demand and need.

  • Remote Support and Upgrade

    Troy printer has an ethernet port to connect to internet. Customers can operate the machine from remote place. The printer also has USB memory card slot, so it is easy to upgrade firmware by transferring data from memory card.

  • Consumables

    We guarantee the quality of consumables. Troy ink offer excellent adhesion characteristics on almost all products from any industries. We provide an warranty service to help the customers keep operating the production lines without any interruption.

  • Automatic Logging Recording and Editing Function

    Troy marking printer LCD display panel provides excellent real-time system status and updates. It enables users to create and edit character outputs. These functions help you keep all records of the machine and our technician assists you in an efficient manner.

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