Troy is now ready to introdule new marking system RED TIJ (Thermal Inkjet Printer).
The new RED TIJ is an industrial inkjet marking machine that enables high-definition inkjet printing of up to 300 DPI using hp Technology ink cartridges.
It can be marked on all kinds of materials such as carton box, cosmetic container, food and beverage, pharmaceutical container by using water based or oil based cartridges and it can automatically print the date of manufacture, lot number, production date, expiration date, and QR code.
RED TIJ, a small inkjet cartridge marking machine that provides a wide user experience with low initial investment costs without worrying about nozzle clogging.
Furthermore, the robust and easy-to-use system with a powerful red design is the latest industrial inkjet marking machine that can be applied to any working environment to improve productivity and lower maintenance cost.

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